The Issues

This page is dedicated to informing everyone where I stand on important issues that affect us all. Of course there are far more issues than I am covering here, but this is a good place to start and I welcome your inquiries. You may keep an eye on our website to find upcoming events and opportunities, or to visit with us about any concerns you might have. We have also made a Facebook page "Rebel for Iowa" where you can keep up to date with upcoming events and engage in discussions.

Fiscal Responsibility:

  • Become self-supportive.

  • Iowa received approximately $6.1 billion in federal aid, 33.1% of the state's total general revenues in 2012, with a state debt of $37.8 billion, or $12,290 per capita.

  • Reduce spending.

  • Eliminate redundant expenditures within government.


  • Repeal Iowa Core Curriculum (common core).

  • State tax credit for Home School or Private School.

  • Return parental control to the Local Level.

2nd Amendment:

  • Constitutional Carry.

  • Castle Doctrine.

  • Stand your ground.


  • From Conception to Natural Death.

Growing our Economy:

  • In order to strengthen Iowa, we need to maintain a competitive tax structure to entice new industries, without tax abatement.


  • Traffic camera's – Unconstitutional, they don't increase safety or lower crashes. National studies show that up to 28% of tickets are issued to the wrong driver while up to 80 % are erroneously issued.

  • Eminent domain – There have been too many instances of this law being used to strip property rights away from people. I do believe in true instances, such as Highway 5 bypass around Des Moines, but when in doubt, I would always defer to the constitution.

  • Defund Planned Parenthood.