Rebel Snodgrass, 49, moved to Iowa from Indiana when he was 23. He began working as a small child and by the age of 9 was running a bulldozer. Today, an Iowa entrepreneur, with multiple successful businesses centered around exterior home construction, his business model is simple: Deliver on your promises. Recognized as a master tradesman in the field, Iowans know Rebel as a man of his word, through his business commercials and through conversations at customers' kitchen tables. Rebel is a firm believer in hard work as a means of accomplishing your goals and taking nothing for free. His Midwestern upbringing has resulted in a man with a strong work ethic, with a strong sense of accountability and responsibility to his family and his community. For 15 years he has served as a Board Director for a national charity, (he and his wife donate between $5,000-$30,000 yearly to charity) formed in memory of his brother, Kody Hellyer Snodgrass, and devotes his time, resources and energy to their mission of saving lives. In addition, his passions include humane treatment of animals, partnering with his wife in rescuing abandoned cats and dogs, and working to preclude the practice of inhumane puppy mills. He is also an active member of the 'Friendly Bee Keepers of Iowa' and other associations. Through his business associations, Rebel has been featured on GreatDay, CW Iowa Live, Your Home in Iowa as well as other local television shows, news programs, local and national magazines such as Welcome Home, ProSales, as well as numerous radio programs.

Rebel Snodgrass is his own man. He says what he means, and means what he says. And he is someone you can trust to represent you fairly, and fully. A believer in being a positive contributor to society he states "we should leave this world a better place than we found". When asked about a photo of him taken wearing a cap with a Confederate flag on it by a potential constitute, he merely smiled and stated clearly that "the so-called rebel flag, that of the confederacy has never stood for, and does not stand today for racism but instead for freedom and individualism. Freedom of thought, speech, living and being the individual God created you to be. It was that to the Southern soldiers during the civil war, and still is today". This individual, satisfied with this answer smiled, nodded her head and presented her next question.

As an ardent patriot, Rebel firmly believes in the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. His is known for his dedication, common sense and business acumen, all incredibly valuable skills to bring to the Iowa legislature. Like most Iowans, Rebel realizes the Constitution is NOT a 'living, breathing document' but instead, the Law of the land. Any violation thereof constitutes the proverbial 'slippery slope' down into Tyranny where he believes America finds itself today. Appalled by the utter lawlessness, the constant violation of the Constitution, the Law, by the Obama administration and States such as California, the attempts to rewrite history he felt as if he could no longer sit idly by and do nothing, he had to become involved in order that he might affect positive, Godly change.

He is not a politician; while 'stumping' 5-7 miles a day during his campaign Rebel is often asked "are you a Republican or Democrat"? His reply is brilliant, that of a Statesman, "I'm neither, I'm an American and my values are far more closely aligned to yours than Scott Ourth and many in the Iowa Legislature and certainly far more (closely aligned) than a very large percentage in Washington D.C. One of our Founding Fathers greatest fears was the 'Professional Politician'. They knew that the nature of politicians would be subject to all of the frailties of the human soul; corruption, bribery, lying, stealing and so fourth. Today, our Legislatures are awash in this liability and the downward spiral of our country reflects this. Rebel wishes to get elected, contribute positively towards the direction of our State and Country then return home to his family. He acutely stated that he will 'fall on his sword to do the right thing, to follow the Constitution and his Christian values". As a US Army Special Forces combat veteran, this is a mind set I understand well for it was ours, heart, mind and soul.

Rebel is running for the office of Representative for Iowa House District 26 as a means of service; service to his State and service to District 26 and a true desire to make a difference and make Iowa a better place. He will not make money for the first year he is in office. This is not why Ourth is running; Ourth is running for Ourth, for his ego, for the prestige of being an Iowa Representative, for the 'under the table' bennies, to be escorted home drunk by the Police late at night instead of being arrested. Ourth also enjoys spending your money, Democrats love that, actually. During the Culver administration he was primary in helping Culver spend Iowa into a half a million dollar deficit after having a $1.5 million 'windfall' in the budget.

Rebel Snodgrass is a Statesman and thusly the perfect candidate for this office. America has this election shown it's clear distaste, distrust, dislike even hatered of Politicians and the Political system, thus the support for Trump. His honesty, accountability, conservative midwest and fiscal values make him the ideal choice and someone who has felt absolutely compelled, even when he did NOT want to do so, to step forward and make a change, make a difference in the State of Iowa so that we might secure a future for our Children and our Grandchildren. If we don't, Iowa will soon go the way of States such as California, Massachusetts and others and America itself. As witnessed by the destruction wrought upon our country these past eight years by Obama and his controllers, there is very little left. Either we step forward this election and take our country back politically, or loose it requiring far more drastic action be taken.

Jeff Swedenburg

A friend from Indianola used to work for him years ago. She spoke of him with such kindness and respect. I wanted to hear for myself what man is running to represent our District. I first met Rebel in March 2016.

I heard his story of why he was running for Statehouse District 26. His knowledge and comprehension of issues and how it really affects our lives makes him the best candidate to stand up for our rights. He continues to impress me each time I meet with him.

A simple understanding of why we have the Bill of Rights and why each is important to safeguarding our future is reason enough to support Rebel. However, it does not stop there.

I love my country. It goes deeper than a superficial feeling of waving red, white and blue and reciting the pledge.

I know our nation was reserved to come forth as a Judaeo/Christian nation in these days before our Lord will come back to this earth. This nation has a mandate to carry the gospel to all nations of the world. Our religious liberties are threatened as well as our God given rights at stake. This has implications for the Atheists as well as the Christian and everyone in this country. If one of us lose, we all lose.

It is not just a democrat or republican issue, it is an American issue. One we can not fail to maintain and it starts in our Statehouse. As a State, we have the power to support or reject Federal law. I want someone who understands that and will DO IT!

In an election where so many are not sure who to vote for, this is an easy choice for me!

Rebel Snodgrass for Iowa Statehouse

Crystal McIntrye
Milo, Iowa

Monday, May 21, 2018 12:22 PM

Letter to the Editor

Since meeting Rebel, I have continued to be impressed by his integrity and 'can do' attitude. When our Warren County Republican Central Committee needed new leadership and direction, he willingly gave of his time and resources. In Des Moines, he will characterize our values and ethics as he will represent Warren County citizens. I invite you to vote for Rebel Snodgrass in the Republican Primary.

Crystal McIntyre, Warren County Supervisor, District 2